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That's a Stretch! Characters

Marzo char.png
Marzo Estrada

Marzo is a 21 year old college student who leads a pretty normal life, save for the fact that he can expand any of his body parts at will. Although charismatic on the surface, he is quite perverted and uses a lot of his time to seek out partners to fulfill his desires. He is on a quest to find others that have the same power as him.

Gage char.png
Gage Carmichael

Gage is a 21 year old college student. He is usually nervous and feels a lot of insecurity about his body. He is especially embarrassed of his uncontrollable expansion powers. He finds some reassurance in his relationship with Marzo, as they share the same power.

Raleigh char.png

An incubus who became involed with Marzo in a chance encounter. He is laid-back, lazy, and a lover of food. He has a considerable amount of power, but rarely uses it.

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