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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is GraySlate?

A.  Yoon Gray is an artist, (sometimes) musician, and vocalsynth user.  "Content Creator" is a preferred term to lump everything under.

Q. How old are you?

A.  Presently, 23.  My birthday is September 3rd.

Q. What got you into art?

A.  I've really been drawing for as long as I could hold a crayon, but I discovered anime at a really early age and realized that was what I wanted to do.

Q. What do you do besides comics?

A.  I work full time in an office.  It sucks and I wish that I could be paid to do what I love all day but I am not currently afforded such luxuries.

Q. What's the deal with That's a Stretch?

A.  That's a Stretch! is a lighthearted fetish comic about male breast expansion.  It doesn't really necessitate any more explanation than that.

Q. What's the deal with GrayLore?

A.  GrayLore is a (mostly) Yakuza fan comic exploring Goro Majima's backstory and life.  It's also a lot of religious satire.  Some of my characters show up to the party.

Q. Why didn't you use Webtoon or another comic hosting service?

A.  Because Webtoon can kiss my fucking ass, that's why.  I also want more creative control and having a personal site I pay for allows me just that.

Q. What got you so into Yakuza?

A.  I played Yakuza 0 for the first time around September 2020.  Since then, I've been obsessed.  I'm almost all the way through the mainline series.

Q. Why did ___ do ____?  That was out of character, they don't do that.

A.  No one's forcing you to read these comics.  Don't let one measly fan comic ruin your day; there's bigger issues in the world than one (1) Majima fangirl and how she portrays fictional characters.  How about you donate to a cause that matters, like Vigilantes For Children (not sponsored)?  Do some real change.


A.  I really wish you could hear yourself when you talk.  You sound genuinely ridiculous.

Q. When is the next issue of ___ coming out?

A.  It's hard for me to say exact dates, but know that constantly asking when more volumes/issues are coming out will not make them come out any faster.  Reminder, I work full time so I only have small windows of time to actually work on my creative projects.  It is difficult to estimate how much time individual issues take me because they vary so much in I don't.  Just be patient while I try to release things in a timely manner.

Q. I want to show you fanart I did of GrayLore/your characters.  What's the best way to do that?

A.  Making fanart of GrayLore and my characters is always welcome and encouraged.  I am active on DeviantArt, Twitter, Instagram, and several other sites.  For a full list, I have a linktree.  It is fine to tag me wherever you upload the images, videos, etc.

Q. Do you do commissions?

A.  I do. They're usually open most of the time, though some times I roll out slots.  For more information, go to my Ko-Fi.

Q. Why is your site on dark mode?

A.  Actual good question.  I have mild dyslexia and a higher sensitivity to bright light than most.  Dark Mode Reader is something I use on every website.  I couldn't in good faith design this site in light mode.

Q. What kind of music/UTAU/Vocaloid stuff do you do?

A.  That mostly goes on my YouTube channel.

Q. Can we be friends?

A.  Watch yourself with those parasocial relationships, bucko.

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